Thanksgiving has barely passed, but here at AFI we can’t wait to celebrate the upcoming winter holidays with friends and family. We know that some people out there dread hosting. We get it – party planning can make the holiday season a stressful time. But, with these tips, we hope those holiday nerves will be a feeling of the past!

  1. Overcook just in case
    • This one should go without saying, but I am often guilty of under cooking! Always cook more than you anticipate on needing. You never know when someone will bring an unexpected +1, and leftovers are never a bad thing!
  2. Punchbowls are delicious and budget friendly
    • Search Pinterest for a festive punchbowl cocktail recipe, a great alternative to stocking up on multiple different liquors. Our favorite is the Festive Cranberry Fizz. Remember, having beer and soft drinks as backup is always a safe bet!
  3. Save time and paper with decorative boxes
    • Save time on wrapping by using decorative boxes. They’re cute, functional and double as festive storage –  my mother loves to reuse these to pack up ornaments. You can find these almost anywhere now, but our favorites have been at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.
  4. The more the merrier
    • When guests ask if they can bring something, say yes! Too often hosts tell their guests to just bring themselves and their holiday cheer, forgetting that no gathering can ever have too much cheese, wine, or ice!
  5. Relax!
    • Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax! It might be inevitable that the rolls will burn or cousins will bicker, but the holidays only come once a year. Don’t forget to enjoy this time with friends and family!

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