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The Platform Bed Difference!

Let us elevate your sleep experience

What’s the difference between a traditional bed and an AFI Platform Bed? Our Platform Beds employ a unique dual height slat kit and bed frame support system that eliminates the need for a foundation.

AFI Platform Beds can be set in a high position to be used with a mattress only, or a low setting to accommodate for a mattress and foundation set.

Open Footrail Style

Open Footrail Style

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Storage & Trundle Beds

Storage & Trundle Beds

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Open Footrail

Sleek, lightweight, and strong.

Set in a low position to accommodate a mattress & foundation.

Set in a high position for use with only a mattress.

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Matching Footboard Platform bed set low

Platform Bed in High Position

Optional Underbed Storage and Trundles

Save space and extend the utility of your bedroom.

When set in a high position, our platform beds accommodate up to two pairs of rolling storage drawers or one twin-size rolling trundle bed!

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Storage Drawer Detail

Trundle Bed Detail

Matching Footboards

Our NEW elegant matching headboards & footboards bring a complete look to your bedroom.

Sold with our storage and trundle packaged platform beds, or with our standalone traditional beds.

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Nantucket Storage Beds

Atlantic Furniture Mission Trundle Bed

Complete Storage And Trundle Bed Packages

Storage Beds Sample Image

Storage Beds

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Trundle Bed Sample

Trundle Beds

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Platform Bed Slat Kit Detail

Built to last!

Our dual height platform bed frames utilize a strong 14-piece adjustable slat kit. Beds from full to king sizes employ four solid hardwood center-support legs for additional strength.

Safety By Design

Safety is a core tenet of our designs.
Solid hardwood construction, multi-piece slat kits, and steel reinforcement are key elements in making our platform beds some of the safest in the industry.

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