10 Budget Friendly Space Saving Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are a great way to add extra sleeping space to a bedroom without taking up too much room.

Kids can be unpredictable. One day they’re asking for a puppy, the next day they’re begging for a sleepover with their best friend. That’s why it’s important to have a versatile and affordable bed that can accommodate any situation. A trundle bed is the perfect solution for families with limited space. It’s a two-in-one bed that can be used as a single bed or a double bed. The trundle bed can be rolled out to provide extra sleeping space for guests or overnight visitors.

Let’s not forget about the adults… AFI Furnishings also has trundle beds that can accommodate adults, whether it be in a spare bedroom, guest house, and now, the living room. Our line of Daybeds have an available trundle bed option to double the sleep capacity of your living room, should you need it.

Another option is to add a trundle bed to your AFI Furnishings Bunk Bed that can now accommodate up to 3+ children! Our Bunk Beds are constructed with solid eco-friendly hardwood, in several high build durable finishes. With 26 steel reinforcement points and two sturdy slat kits, the bunk beds are as sturdy as they come.

With so many sleep options and a space-saving design, AFI Furnishings Trundle Bunk Beds will surely become your child’s favorite sleepy time fort. Rest easy knowing you can trust our bed’s quality, safety, and value. Also include is a surface mount turbo charger to keep all your electronics charged and ready to go!

Here are some additional benefits of bunk beds with trundle beds:

  • They can be a more affordable option than buying two or three separate beds.
  • They can help to create a sense of privacy for each child.
  • They can be a fun and creative way to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Here are 10 budget-friendly trundle beds from various categories we have available to order on our website.