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AFI Murphy Bed Chests

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Skip the Guest Room, Buy a Murphy Bed!

Skip the guest room, and buy a Murphy Bed! A comfortable twin or queen-sized bed tucked away in an elegant space-saving chest! Our Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest provides guest sleeping space without sacrificing style. The compact chest includes a built-in charging station and a CoolSoft folding premium memory foam mattress for a cool night’s sleep.



Comfort & Convenience without sacrificing space or style

You don’t have to sacrifice space or style with the purchase of a Murphy Bed Chest. Complete with a fold-out Queen mattress, the Deerfield Murphy Bed Chest is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience; when tucked away, the bed appears as an elegant chest of drawers. When it’s time for bed, simply unlatch the doors and lower the mattress supports. With the additional bonus of a built-in charging station, you can keep a cellphone charger or alarm clock close by.

Easy to assemble

Easy to Assemble

Use the drawer handles to pull out the three-tiered telescopic drawers. Then open the top lid, release the safety latches and use the handles to lift out the inner panel. After you are done, use the handles to fold the mattress back into the chest.

Style That Fits Your Taste

Style That Fits Your Taste

Show off your exquisite taste with cottage-style paneling from three select finishes: Grey, Espresso, or White. The new Deerfield comes in Grey, Walnut, and White.

Durable and Saves Space

Durable and Saves Space

Our sturdy brushed nickel handles and protective felt lining ensure durability while saving space in your room. Each bed chest is able to fit into any space with a twin or queen-sized bed tucked inside each bed chest.

Foam Mattress

Premium Memory Foam Mattress

Each chest includes a cooling gel memory foam mattress complete with a machine washable cover.

Storage Drawer

The spacious storage drawer keeps your bedding at your fingertips. Never have to worry about misplacing your bedsheets!

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