Looking for hints to transform your house for a fun party with friends and family this Fourth of July? Check out my “AFI-not-so-secret designing dairy” to help you modernize your home with AFI Furnishings Hardwood Collections!

1.     Neutral Tones

After renovating my house, I learned that one of the most important tips to redesign your home is choosing the right color palette.

First, you can draw traditional inspiration for your living room with natural walnut or burnt amber, drawing from nature.

 Mission Coffee Table

Working with a small space? Consider minimalism to give the appearance of a larger room. I like to mix an array of white, whitewashed, driftwood grey finishes, which effectively shift my house to cool tones and make the space more functional and larger.

AFI Furnishings Shaker Desk with Drawer

2.     Choose High-Quality Hardwood

After choosing your color pallet, assure the furniture you choose is durable. Shopping for furniture costs both of our time and money, so we surely don’t want to spend our money on something that won’t last.

Because of that, I prefer solid hardwood. I also care about eco-friendly furniture with timeless designs, so I can assure their quality, sustainability, and not have to change furniture frequently for new-will outlast the latest trends. With over 30 years’ experience in furniture industry and the exclusive high build finishing process, combining with the eco-friendly durable solid hardwood, AFI’s designs will provide your home with the timeless beauty and everlasting value.

Deerfield Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station

Harvard Bookshelf

3.     Multifunctional Furniture

Did you know one of the biggest interior design trends for 2020 is multifunctional design? With increases in working from home and less time out and about, the need for a multifunctional space is more important than ever. My favorite tip? Creating extra space. Check out the the AFI Furnishings Murphy Bed Chest to save space and transform your living area. Quickly transform a bed into a chest and free up some space!

Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest with Charging Station

4.     AC/USB Charging Furniture

Want to take your multifunctional space to the next level?  Looking to avoid a mess of tangled cords and power strips? Say hello to an organized, stylish charging option with the AFI AC/USB Charging Occasional Tables. With two high efficiency USB charging ports and two 110-volt power outlets, this side table design is the perfect solution for convenience and modern design.

Mission End Table with Charger

I hope these 4 tips can help you transform you house into a beautiful, organized home for the best Independence Day Celebration! If you have any comments or designing ideas that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below! Happy Fourth of July to you and enjoy the time with your friends and family! And don’t forget to follow AFI Furnishings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  for more blogs in the future!

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